Homechecks for prospective adopters

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Homechecks for prospective adopters

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:07 pm

We understand the prospect of someone coming to your home to do a homecheck could be quite daunting. The purpose of a homecheck is not to see the upkeep of your home or how big/small, tidy it is. We homecheck to make sure that your home is safe for one of our dogs and that you know what taking on a dog, particularly a rescue dog entails.

A home checker will come and visit at a pre arranged time. The H/C may not be a member of the Molly-Foundation, as we use people who are experienced in home checking and do it on a fairly regular basis for a number of rescues. They will come to see you with paperwork that is from the Molly-Foundation and will ask you the questions laid down in our guidelines, which do vary rescue to rescue. They will ask to see your garden where you will allow the dog to go out. They will ask you about your experience with dogs and if you have other pets will generally ask to see those too. I reiterate we are not in your home to judge you, just to make sure our dogs would be happy and safe with you.

The H/C will not tell you if you have passed or failed the check. The decision is up to the Molly-Foundation. They will contact us and tell us simply what they think based on the questions and answers and the check of your garden. They will then submit the paperwork to the Molly-Foundation with a recommendation and we will then decide. We know waiting is the hardest part and we promise to get back to you with a pass or fail as quickly as possible. It's also worth baring in mind, most homechecks pass with flying colours and a large percentage that fail can do the necessary recommendations and pass easily second time around. Very few homechecks fail with no chance of putting things right.

Homecheckers have almost always been homechecked themselves, so they do understand how stressful it can be and will do all they can to make it easier for you. We ourselves were homechecked before we could adopt Molly, so we really do understand.


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