Handing in your dog

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Handing in your dog

Post by Judie on Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:31 am

For most people, having to hand their dog into a rescue is a very difficult thing to do. They do it for all kinds of reasons, but with most, they do it for love. We understand that having to part with a fluffy friend is difficult, so we make it is easy as we can. Once we know you want us to take your dog, we will arrange for someone to come and see you. They will have a form they will ask you to fill in. The form is all about your dog, what they like/don't like, their health, things like that. The person will then ask you to check the form and sign it. This form relinquishes your rights to the dog and gives ownership to the Molly-Foundation. Your dog will then be taken to a foster home. We NEVER use kennels, all our dogs go into family homes. The foster carer will assess the dog, and have it spayed/neutered if not already done. Once the foster carer is happy your dog is ready for placement he will go to his/her new home. We will let you know how your dog is and how s/he settled, also once in their new home we will update you then too. We can't under any circumstances give you the details of the new home, but we will let you know s/he has settled.

If you want us to take your dog, inbox myself, xXJoyXx or admin and we can arrange to talk to you.


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