Rules for adopting

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Rules for adopting

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:54 am

The Molly-Foundation's utmost aim is to get all our rescue's into good, loving forever homes. We always put the need of the dog first when we re-home.

Here are our adoption rules

    We homecheck everyone who wishes to adopt one of our dogs.
   You must pay a fee to adopt, this money is vital to the continuing work of the rescue.
   You must agree to hand the dog back to the Molly-Foundation if for whatever reason you cannot keep the  dog.
   You must register with a Vet so your dog will have care if needed.
   You must agree to us contacting you for a short while after adoption to ensure your dog has settled well.
   You must sign paperwork supplied by us before you take the dog. The paperwork is basically you agreeing to all of the above.

All the dogs we have are spayed or neutered. We do not agree with unwelcome breeding when there are so many dogs that need homes as it is, so we spay or neuter.

We assess all of our dogs for the type of home we feel will suit them best. We will not rehome where there is a child/ren under five years of age. We are very wary of rehoming where a child/ren are under ten, we will work this on a case by case basis.

There is a fee for every dog, usually £150 but can be more or less depending on the dog. Please ask about the fee before applying to adopt. The fee is non negotiable.


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