Molly's story and the birth of the rescue

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Molly's story and the birth of the rescue

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:09 am

On the 26th of November 2006 a little Westhighland Terrier was born. On the 23rd of August 2014 that same little Westie went to Rainbow bridge, here is her story.

Molly was bought by a family who already owned a Westie, Molly ended up being the scapegoat for all the other Westie did wrong. She was chained to the skirting board in that home, unwanted, unloved and afraid. Eventually those owners did the right thing and handed her into a rescue.

We already had a Yorkie that we had bought from a breeder, but I always wanted a Westie and we thought that if we got another fluffy baby it would be just amazing, it would keep Toffee company and we could give a little dog a loving forever home. Hence, into our lives came Molly!

Molly was a skinny, nervous, raggedy baby when we first brought her home from the rescue. However, in the blink of an eye, she became a loving, confident fluffy, adorable Westie. Pure white fur, so, so soft with a beautiful champagne stripe.

She was the absolute light of our lives. Her character was bouncy, playful, just simply adorable. I cannot remember a single bad thing about her. Molly would sing, give high fives and lie on her back for a tummy tickle, we called this her dead fly act, legs all over just wanting fuss - and she got it by the bucket load, we adore her.

Due to the love we had for Molly, we decided to adopt another Westie. This time we chose a big strapping lad. This was the Westie no one wanted. We did! Charlie was Molly's best friend. They played together every day, it was wonderful to watch.

Life was wonderful, I am home almost all the time due to disability so was around my three fluffy babies almost all the time. They all lit up my life so much. They were never alone, they were always together.

In August 2014 Molly was a little off colour, nothing serious it seemed. She didn't eat much but was still Molly. Then suddenly at 12.45 on Saturday 23rd August after lots of warm milk and tons of cuddles, I put her into her bed beside my feet. She was wrapped up in a blanket. She sat up, looked at me with those huge brown eyes, swung her head and collapsed. She had gone to Rainbow bridge. I grabbed her, cuddled her and as I did so, she breathed her last!

Molly had gone - forever.

It is the heartbreak of losing her that prompted our family to set up the Molly foundation. She was a rescue, as was Charlie, and we know this is what she would want. A chance for more unloved and unwanted fluffy babies to find a loving forever home. The Molly foundation was dreamed up by my daughter (17) as a memorial to Molly. Now, myself my daughter and my younger daughter (14) want Molly's name to live on through saving other dogs no one wants. Will you help us keep Molly's name alive and help the kind of dog Molly was once, unloved and unwanted?


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