Baxter The Springer spaniel who isn't a Springer spaniel

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Baxter The Springer spaniel who isn't a Springer spaniel

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:35 am

Baxter we were told was a Springer Spaniel with epilepsy. He is actually likely to be a Beagle crossed with a Staffy. He was about to be be PTS because his owner didn't want him. I said no way and brought him into foster. His foster mum is Miamoo, she took him to the vet today and we found out his ears are so bad he is deaf. He also has a skin condition. So, his first vet bill was £102. This is just the start. He may need to have an anesthetic and his ears cleaned while he is asleep. We have no idea if any other medical issues will arise or if this baby will gain all or some of his hearing. One thing we do know - this baby will have all the care he needs no matter what. He was unwanted, unloved, neglected and abused. He is now warm, safe, loved, taken care off and he will be that way for the rest of his life.


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